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XDS Glass Protection System

The limitation of today's unenhanced glass is that the glass breaks. Glass is everywhere, but it is the weakest link to the safety of any building or vehicle in protecting lives and property. The primary function of this product is to strengthen glass first, then to keep the glass intact, in its frame, if broken. The likelihood of injury to people and property is greater in the course of normal glass breakage than this treated glass.

This is a remarkably strong synthetic film and acrylic adhesive system that is applied on any ordinary glass, turning it into a strong, super strength protective shield.

This XDS Glass Protection System is composed of a specially blended biaxially oriented polyester (PET) laminate and acrylic adhesive system. The film is treated with a scratch resistant coating on the exterior side and specially formulated and proprietary high temperature acrylic adhesives (containing powerful ultra-violet light inhibitors) on the installation side. A silicone release liner protects the adhesive unit application.

In this multilevel strengthening system, the most important component, the acrylic adhesive is different from the traditional latex adhesive glues that break down causing the film to "lift" off the glass and appear as large air bubbles. This proprietary acrylic adhesive is a glass penetrating acrylic chemical bonding agent, that when applied to the glass actually infiltrates and absorbs into the glass pores, hardens thereby strengthening the glass itself.

This revolutionary process of bonding acrylic with the pores of the glass strengthens the glass up to 400%. This strength comes from the Polyster Mylar and the proprietary acrylic adhesive system.. In fact it becomes so strong that in certain thickness it becomes bullet resistant. It is a proven fact that the application of this system to existing glass can reduce damage and injury by up to 80%.

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