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XDS Glass Protection System | Features & Benefits

Unique Single Solution Protection from Multiple Threats

» Accidental Shattering » Storms
» Small Firearms » Vandalism
» Firebombs & Riots » Burglary
» Terrorism & Explosions » UV & Solar Heat

» The only system that actually strengthens the glass itself

» Easy to Install, done quickly on site

» Breaking through takes time, slowing down the criminal

» Upto 400% stronger than normal glass

» Prevents flying glass during an explosion or accidental shattering

» Fire Resistant rating upto 2 hours

» Meets US General Services administration (GSA) Level 3 condition

» Absorbs U/V radiation by almost 100%

» Keeps out up to 80% of the heat from sunlight

» Provide greater comfort and reduces energy costs

» Stops fading of Fabrics, furniture, carpets, window displays

» Confirms to US standard ANSI-Z97. 1-84, ASTM D-1044, CPSC Part I Category II,     Class "A" fire rating

» Improves soundproofing of the glass

» The process is environment friendly

» Protects your vehicles, home and / or business 24 hours a day,7 days a week.

» Picture perfect view - optical grade polyester is invisible to the eye. This process     not only strengthens the glass but also is optically 100% pure. When used as tints     and shades, it improves the appearance of the glass and adds protection from UV     light and solar heat.

» Cleans as easily as glass.

» Energy savings of up to 12,000 BTU's/hr per 100 sq. ft. of sunlit windows during     daylight hours.

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