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Q: What are XDS films made of that makes them so strong?

A: Our security solutions are composed of super strength clear, tinted, or reflective polyesters, which is laminated to glass with an extremely aggressive penetrating acrylic adhesive that chemically bonds the glass to a film.

Q: If your product(s) are installed on my glass, will it scratch easily?

A: No, XDS is coated with a scratch-resistant compound, so the film acts like glass and scratches like glass, and cleans with ordinary glass cleaners.

Q: How is XDS coated glass cleaned?

A: XDS cleans just like glass. You can use any chemical that you would normally use on glass.

Q: Once applied to the glass, will you be able to tell that your product(s) is applied? Will there be any distortion?

A: No, XDS films are optically pure to the eye. If your glass is distortion free to begin with, then there will be no distortion. However, if your glass is distorted, our product will not correct this condition.

Q: Do XDS films come in different tints?

A: Yes, XDS is available in a variety of tints.

Q: Is XDS applied to the outside or inside of windows?

A: XDS should be applied to the inside of a window.

Q: How long does it take for the product to be fully effective?

A: It only takes 24 hours for the product to dry, however it can take up to 30 days to achieve maximum protection

Q: Are XDS products bulletproof?

A: No, XDS products are not bulletproof, but rather bullet resistant with a significant loss of velocity. Please beware of claims made otherwise, as this is a very important matter.

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